A Santa Sack for Wesley

14 Dec





The low-down: photos by Angus

10 Dec















Welcome Wesley

2 Dec

In late August we welcomed Wesley into our family. A much quicker labour than with Angus, a different hospital, a bit of experience under my belt, and not buying/renovating/moving house at the same time has all made this time a lot easier than last!

Here are some photos from the very early days. I’m planning to do a “Wesley: month by month” series like I did with Angus so stay tuned.








A quick photographic summary of the past year or so

1 Dec
First steps at Christmas!

First steps at Christmas!

We're having another boy!

We’re having another boy!

Holiday at Noosaville

Holiday at Noosaville

New job!

New job!

Celebrating cousin Noah's first birthday

Celebrating cousin Noah’s first birthday

Holiday in Hobart (this photo was on the ferry across to Bruny Island)

Holiday in Hobart (this photo was on the ferry across to Bruny Island)

We farewelled lovely Abbey, Angus' Mary Poppins

We farewelled lovely Abbey, Angus’ Mary Poppins

No sunnies, no ride

No sunnies, no ride

Playing catch-ups…

1 Dec

At the start of 2013 I made the decision to stop blogging. It was never meant to be forever but at that stage, and the many months that followed, I made the decision to spend what little spare time I had doing other things. During those many months we announced our second pregnancy, I started a new job 3 days per week but then had to cut down to 2 when I got sick for weeks and weeks with chest and sinus infections, Angus started daycare (which we call preschool) 2 days per week, we went on holidays to Noosaville for 2 weeks in March and Hobart for 1 week in July, we renovated the backyard, and most significantly, we welcomed our dear Wesley Morrison Carrick into our family in late August.

And that’s just the very abridged version. Phew.

So why the return to Carrickature now?

Well, it’s largely mother-guilt. Angus had so many posts about him and records kept. Classic first child. Wesley, on the other hand, is at risk of having nothing written about his growth and development aside from observations made on the fly.

I want to be intentional in recording those precious early days. This is, in essence, his baby book, as it was for Angus. In fact, at the end of 2012, shortly after his first birthday, I collated the various “Angus: month by month” posts and made a hard-copy book using the free Kikki K software. Something for him to hold and to be passed around at family gatherings. By first writing those observations here I can also share them with family and friends who we see too seldom.

It’s also a place to record and share other random things in life; things I’ve made, particularly tasty recipes I want to share, observations, and so on. It’s not meant to be a retrospective deep and meaningful stream of consciousness blog because that’s not me.

So here we are, back on the interweb and keen to try again. It may work, it may not. Again, if anything is going to be put in the too-hard basket it will be this blog. Life with two small boys is wonderful but it’s also immensely time-consuming! But I’ll give it a go and would be more than happy for you to come along for the ride.




Fun at the park

28 Nov




And we’re back!

24 Nov


Good morning!