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Barneys in the media

6 Jun

Lots of media coverage this week about Barneys.

Here’s another piece, from the Bible Society. If you look closely at the photo with the bagpipers, you can see Angus in his pram under his rain cover (ok so you have to look really closely…)

And this video from Seven News also shows off the site quite nicely.

Exciting times.


Helloooooo Barneys!

4 Jun

In May 2006 our church burnt down.

With my flatmates, Meredith and Belinda, we stood on Mountain St, Broadway, and watched the smoke rise from the pile of ashes. It was distressing.

But yesterday I got to walk into our brand new church building with hundreds of others, including of course my new flatmates (!), Myles and Angus, and celebrate God’s goodness and kindness to us.

The building is just a building and doesn’t hold any fancy spiritual magic. And, as we have been reminded many times over the past six years, church is not a building. Church is people and as God’s people who meet at Barneys we have continued meeting every week since our building burnt down. Instead of dwindling, our numbers have grown. New people have continued to come along to hear the good news of Jesus. We have encouraged one another and grown together.

But, on the other hand, the building isn’t just a building, and this is no ordinary structure. It’s a stunningly beautiful piece of architecture, designed by one of the most prominent firms in the country. It features a 25m high ceiling in the main worship space which encourages you to lift your eyes as you lift up your heart. The walls are curved. The acoustics are amazing. An enormous cross shines out a light across the city. It has loads of practical spaces for the community to use. It is a welcoming building.

The headline in the Sydney Morning Herald today sums things up well: “Message from a feisty congregation: we’re back in the house”




Di Morgan unlocks the door on the Broadway entrance for the crowds to enter through (there’s still a little work to be done hence the scaffolding)


Walking in from the Broadway entrance toward the church building and the enormous cross!


The old church gates escaped the flames and now line the wall at the back of Cafe Ottimo (for those who know the site)


Some of the stone work saved from the old building. The timber used on these benches is from the old pews.


Three pipers accompanied us as we all sang “Amazing Grace” before walking into the new building


Angus stayed dry under his rain cover


Hundreds of people (with umbrellas) squeezed into the courtyard to sing “Amazing Grace”


Our senior minister, Mike Paget, welcoming us to the new building

Apologies for these shaky, not-very-good-quality videos. The first is of us all singing Amazing Grace in the rain, accompanied by bagpipes. The second is at the end of our first service in the new building, singing Jesus Loves Me.

(There’s also another piece in the Daily Telegraph here)

Finally, if you want to see more photos of the new building, or would like to contribute financially to the fundraising, check out Raise the Roof!

We’ve moved in!

30 Dec

It was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas in our new home. The removalists came on the 20th and we have been making good progress unpacking stuff since then. Photos of the house to come!



Chief Moving Day Babysitter aka Grandpa

There will be a slight delay…

22 Dec

…in updating the blog because the camera battery has gone flat and I don’t know where I packed the charger!


Type in "unpacking boxes" into Google Images and this comes up. In no way (AT ALL) does this image reflect the state of "unpacking boxes" in our new house. Look at her! I mean, honestly! Look at her! When I get the camera working I might take a photo of my frazzled self with my frazzled baby in our frazzled house and see if Google wants it. Search for it under "real life".

Goodbye Armidale part 4

29 Jul

Goodbye little townhouse! We've really appreciated your brand-new-ness, your insulation, your sun-drenched living areas, your gas stove, and the nice neighbours (except for the feral cats in summer)

Goodbye Armidale part 3… hello Pagets!

27 Jul

Taking over the Goldfish Bowl...

On our last weekend in Armidale we had the pleasure of spending time with the visiting Paget family.


I believe they are available for hire if you need help cleaning up after an event


Never too young to start out in the cleaning business!

Goodbye Armidale part 2

26 Jul

Goodbye Goldfish Bowl! We will REALLY miss you!


I will especially miss these strawberry custard tarts!