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Lamingtons for Australia Day

26 Jan

What would Australia Day (or any day really) be without a good old Lamington? Sad. That’s what.

Using a recipe from the latest delicious. magazine, I embarked on making white chocolate cream Lamingtons. The problem was, the white chocolate cream split when I went to beat it, rendering it a curdled mess. Luckily I still had some thickened cream and just whipped it up neat. To be honest, I actually think the white chocolate addition would have made the end product just too sickly sweet (and that’s saying something coming from me).


I think it’s probably a good 15 years since I last made traditional Lamingtons. My memories of making them were cake falling apart in the icing and then coconuty chocolatey mess everywhere. Some tips to make the experience easier:

– make your sponge cake the day before, wrap in cling wrap, and put in the fridge overnight. It’s far less crumbly this way
– don’t get the cake out of the fridge until you’re ready to start the dipping process
– spear each cake square with a fork and then dip into the chocolate icing; use a spoon to ladle icing over the top (the icing is meant to be runny)
– using the fork to hold the iced cake, move it onto a generous plate of coconut and then use your fingers to generously sprinkle and pat coconut over the cake
– remove the fork and gently lift the cake onto a wire rack to rest and set

The end result: lovely light indulgent little cakes to enjoy on a rainy muggy Australia Day.






Don't you think it looks like it's sticking its little red tongue out?! Cheeky Lamo.


Iced VoVo cake

22 Jan

I’ve been rattling on for quite some time about how excited I was to find this recipe. Combine my excitement with a feeling that it wouldn’t be quite right to make it anytime other than around Australia Day and, well, you can imagine the suspense as the January days have counted down.

Yes, I probably need to get out more.

However, I present to you, without further ado, my attempt at the Iced VoVo cake for 2012. I really really really hope the ladies in my Mothers Group appreciate it tomorrow. Talk about working myself up about a cake.




(for those readers who are looking at the original recipe: I didn't add marshmallows to my icing. It seemed a bit over-the-top)



Happy Austraya Day youse!

Waiting for baby 3: lots of iced chocolates

26 Oct

Check it out! Basically just a glass of icecream and homemade chocolate sauce! (M was much more restrained and had a long black). This was at which we discovered on the weekend- great place!

Waiting for baby 2: Christmas pudding

25 Oct

It's not like I have a whole lot else to do at the moment! I used this recipe ( last year and it was great- here's hoping it works again!

Traditional Japanese meal

11 Jul

Hanna’s parents very kindly took us all out for a family dinner the night before Andrew and Hanna’s wedding. Held in a traditional room, we were served EIGHT amazing courses, presented in the most intricate and beautiful fashion. It was an amazing experience and one we could never have negotiated alone!



The "watermelon" was a salmon mousse!


Some kind of foamy taro/potato cocktail


Silken tofu


Crispy skin chicken with lemon


Tempura vegetables and chicken parcels


Rice bowl with ground beef, miso soup, pickled vegetables


Mango icecream

Dinner with Andrew and Hanna and the wine glass saga

10 Jul

We enjoyed taking Andrew and Hanna out for dinner one night. Turns out the waitstaff were perhaps a little freaked out by having 3 non-Japanese customers… shortly after taking our order, the waitress collected the menus and simultaneously knocked a wine glass on the floor at our feet causing it to smash. After lots of bowing and apologies (from 3 different staff members) they tidied up. Another waiter brought the wine 10 mins later and in the process of moving between Andrew and Hanna, knocked his tray on Andrew’s seat causing an entire glass of white to splash straight down Andrew’s back then onto the floor where it smashed. The staff were mortified. We struggled to stop laughing. Lucky it was white not red!


Andrew looking nice and refreshed and smelling sweetly of house white

Oranges and more oranges

20 Jun

Dad: “I have some spare oranges from the tree. Would you like a few?”

Me: “Sure. If you’ve got any to spare”

Dad: “How about this bag? Will this be enough?” (he says, lifting ~12kg out of the car boot)


Given we've both had colds, they couldn't have come at a better time!