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Recent happenings and so forth

15 Jan







A Santa Sack for Wesley

14 Dec




A Santa Sack for Angus

6 Jan

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I found myself lamenting the fact that I couldn’t seem to find a pattern or style of Santa Sack which I liked or thought would be suitable for Angus. Let’s just say that entering “Santa Sack” into Google Images does not yield the most design-savvy responses. Searches of my go-to craft and design blogs didn’t help much either- probably because most are American and it seems more common to have a stocking than a sack over there. And I wanted a sack.

So, with a week to go, I just got on with it and decided to see what would emerge. I knew I wanted a tree, of sorts (but not a “traditional” tree). I knew I wanted animals (but not “traditional” Christmas animals). I knew I wanted his name on it (but not in Comic Sans…I direct you back to Google Images).

Liking neutral backgrounds (and being cheap), I made a sack out of calico, using the pillowcase tutorial at Film in the Fridge as a guide. I made a loop at the top for the ribbon to be inserted.

I then cut out a tree from left-over fabric I used for Angus’ curtains (from Ikea). This was joined by a family of elephants (who said there weren’t elephants at Jesus’ birth?!). I used this tutorial from the Purl Bee to embroider his name, and then embellished the tree and star using this tutorial, also from the Purl Bee.

Satisfyingly, he absolutely loved it and spent quite some time rolling around on the floor on top of it and closely examining the elephants. I like it too and am glad I persevered to make something which is both “him” and “us” 🙂





Angus’ new trousers

21 Oct

I made Angus some trousers using fabric from Spotlight…


…and a pattern from “Dana Made It” (online)


They show off his rather slim profile!


Myles thinks he looks like he’s wearing Elvis-style flares


Here he is looking very pleased and happy

Felt garland

3 Oct

After getting some inspiration from this post, I decided to make my own garland as a gift for my god-daughter’s 5th birthday.


I had trouble getting a decent photo of the garland strung up…


…here’s another angle, also not much good!



Another custom-made baby quilt

26 Sep

Here are some pictures of a quilt I recently made for the baby of an old school friend. She asked me to make a quilt suitable for a boy or girl (due in a few weeks) and in bright colours.

I was excited to discover a new range of fabric by Momo for Moda called “Oh Deer!”. I like that it’s bright and fun without being garish or babyish. I hope Catherine’s little bub enjoys it!

If you, or someone you know, would like a quilt made, drop me a line and we can chat!





A quilt for a baby girl…and a possible business venture

23 Jul

I recently made this quilt for a baby girl, due to be born in the next few weeks. I wanted to create something girly but also funky, and most importantly I wanted it to be practical! It measures 58cm x 73cm (23″ x 28.5″) which is the perfect size for use in the pram or car-seat.




The fabric is by Echino and is really gorgeous. The wadding is a cotton/bamboo combination which makes it warm but light-weight and easy to care for (ie. machine washable!). I’ve machine quilted it and then made a coordinating binding with mitred corners.



Based on a few conversations with various people, I’m putting out feelers to see if anyone might be interested in having a custom baby quilt made, similar to this one. I’m still thinking through prices and options etc but if you want to discuss it further, drop me a line via the comments here or Facebook or Twitter.