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My! How you’ve grown!

2 Jan

So this was supposed to go up in November to coincide with Angus’ first birthday… c’mon! I’m only two months late!


Soon after birth


One month


Two months


Three months


Four months


Five months


Six months


Seven months


Eight months


Nine months


Ten months


Eleven months


12 months


12 months


Twelve months old today!

1 Nov

Happy first birthday, Angus!


Well, folks, it wasn’t for lack of trying. This was the best I could do for the 12month quilt photo short of actually strapping him to the floor with tape.




Is this what I do with the candle?

In the past month, Angus:

– has continued his magnificent sleeping patterns. We are so very thankful. He has a morning nap from 8am-9:30 and an afternoon nap from 12:30-2:30pm or even longer somedays. He goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am.

– eats three decent meals plus snacks. His favourite food appears to be bananas and he gets quite excited when they’re mentioned or seen. He eats 1.5 vitabrits for breakfast, plus 1/2-1 banana, plus toast sometimes. Lunch is usually a sandwich (peanut butter, vegemite, cheese, honey, etc). Dinner might be fish fingers, chicken tenders, spag bol, pasta with cheese, salmon mornay, etc. He also likes dessert (he is his mother’s child after all) and will gobble up yoghurt or muffins or jelly or more bananas. For snacks, he enjoys cheese cubes/slices, crackers, bananas, strawberries, chunks of pineapple, and mini-muffins (not all at once!).


Feeding himself

– has stopped breastfeeding. At 11 months he was still having a pre-breakfast and post-dinner feed. I dropped the morning feed first with no hassles, then the evening feed about one week ago, again, no hassles. These feeds have been replaced by milk in a cup or water. There were some initial small pangs of sadness to be stopping but not enough to make me re-think the plan!

– has had his 12 month immunisations which were completely uneventful aside from a brief yell at the time! He was quickly distracted by bubbles. His weight (clothed) was 8.8kg and length 76cm.

– has not progressed much further toward walking. He still holds on and cruises the furniture or pushes his little walker around the house. There have been brief moments of standing unsupported (2-3 seconds) but not many! He crawls at an incredible pace which continues to amaze us given how hard our timber floors are!


Long and lean!

– can say mum-mum-mum, dad-dad, and door. We think we’ve also heard pup, pig, down and no but can’t really be sure. He likes to bark when he sees a dog (real or otherwise), and chatters away fairly constantly when he’s playing.

– has continued to spend two days per week with Abbey, his nanny. She took him to the Art Gallery of NSW recently which he reportedly thoroughly enjoyed!


At the water park in Pyrmont

– has had a few Skype chats with cousin Noah (5.5 months old) in Tokyo.

– went to his first concert (Colin Buchanan). To be honest, he was far more interested in the chairs and other children’s drink bottles than Colin himself. It was a nice surprise to run into cousins Eloise and Raphael there.

– sometimes gets himself into hysterical laughing fits over the most benign things, like me putting a (clean!) nappy on my head and letting it fall off onto him. It’s so enjoyable to participate in these little episodes!

– has enjoyed watching Peppa Pig on iView. He gets very animated when the song comes on and bobs his head.

– has continued to enjoy exploring and adventuring. He rarely sits still and likes rolling potatoes around the kitchen, playing with the desk chair, opening and shutting doors, bashing two objects together, clapping his hands, playing peek-a-boo (he now initiates it), being held upside down, looking at books, playing my old recorder (acquired when I was in Year 1!), and patting Pockets, the neighbour’s very friendly cat, amongst other things! He also loves the bath. Going out in the pram to the park is a favourite activity.


Bath fun

– still only has one tooth!


Eleven months old!

1 Oct

We nearly have a one-year-old! Oh my word!


In the past month, Angus…

– has developed beautiful sleeping patterns! We spent the week after our return from Melbourne cutting his night feed and training him to sleep through. Myles got up when he woke and patted him to calm him then left the room. For the first couple of nights he raised merry hell when his happened but never for more than 10 mins. He would then settle for 10-30mins before starting up again. Another bit of patting (by Myles) to calm him and then he’d be left to go to sleep. It took a couple of hours on the first night from first wake to properly falling asleep, slightly less on the second night, and about 30mins on the next couple of nights. He also cried with less ferocity each night. By the end of the week he’d sorted it out and now goes to bed ~6:30pm and wakes at ~6:30am. This has revolutionised our lives. Particularly mine!

I have mentioned the book “Baby Bliss” previously (when we weaned him off his dummy) and this was the technique we used this time as well. We found it enormously helpful. We decided that Myles would be the one to get up and do the “training” because we knew it would be easier if Angus didn’t have any contact with his “milk supply” (!).


– he also has two lovely sleeps during the day. He wakes ~6:30am and has a breastfeed then breakfast. He goes down for his morning sleep ~8:30-9ish until 10-10:30ish then has morning tea and water. He has lunch ~12midday before his afternoon sleep ~12:30-2:30. He has afternoon tea and a cup of milk ~3pm, dinner at 5pm, bath at 5:30pm, breastfeed at 6pm, then goes to bed ~6:30pm.

– he continues to eat everything we present. He enjoyed a mashed version of our Apricot Chicken dinner one night and I am cooking less specifically only for him, rather just modifying our meals or throwing them in the food processor for him. He continues to devour bananas and can get through 1-2 per day. He can also now drink out of a straw cup.

– went to Melbourne for the second time (first trip was when he was 6 weeks old for Belinda and Clint’s wedding). He flew down with me and we stayed with Alex, Michael, Annika and Ingrid for 2 nights (and Alex provided some awesome childcare so I could attend a conference), then Myles joined us and we stayed in the city for a long weekend. His final two nights in Melbourne were spent sleeping in the apartment ensuite because it was the quietest room in the house. We enjoyed brunch with Bel and Clint, wandering around the city, breakfast at Hardware Societe, and just having family time together.


– he now cruises about the furniture moving from piece to piece. He can also walk up and down the house by pushing his little walker thing. He loves doing this and always looks so pleased with himself.

– if he is around a conversation I’m having which involves laughter he’ll often start laughing too. In Melbourne he had an amusing exchange with a 4yr old girl who smiled at him, so he smiled back, she laughed, so he laughed back, and so it went on, until she turned to Myles and said “why does he keep doing that?!”. He is a very cheery little fellow.

– he now spends two days per week with Abbey as I have increased my work hours. We enjoy hearing her take on his day when we get home; she tells me he enjoys cooking with her, eating her lunch, playing with the folded washing, and “he likes it when toys make noises and then try to bite him” (her words, not mine!)

– got his first black eye after a door blew shut in his face. He looked like he’d got into my eyeshadow.


– still only has one tooth.

– enjoys going to creche at church and FMG and often gets quite excited when he sees other children. He is not, however, happy about me holding other babies and got very perturbed one Sunday at church when I had another child on my hip. There were some very dirty looks being shot my way!

– gets cross when he doesn’t get his own way (eg. removed from pulling cords, rocks removed from his mouth, access to the open dishwasher blocked)

– has started dropping food/spoons/cups over the side of his high chair and looking for them

– doesn’t need his bath seat anymore and sits confidently on the rubber mat in the bath. He also likes standing and holding the side of the bath or the taps. He is not afraid of watching the water go down the plug or having water poured over his head.


Ten months old…a few weeks ago…oops

24 Sep

The lateness of this post is representative of the changes taking place in Angus (and subsequently, our lives). As he has grown and developed he has become more adventurous, more boisterous, more inquisitive, and generally more predictable in his routine and moods. We have become more confident in our parenting, recognising patterns in his behaviour and learning to involve other people in our care of him. We also just had one of “those” months where we went away for 3 out of 4 weekends and, combined with me taking on more paid work, Myles and I both getting gastro for a week, Angus getting a heavy cold, and life needing to go on, updates on this blog took a necessary back seat. But, here we are, a few weeks later, still in busy-mode but less sick, not away, and a little more on top of things, with a review of the month of August.


In the past month (2 August- 1 September), Angus:

– developed a not-very-good habit of poor settling after a night-time feed. Whilst generally it was only one wake per night, the feed was clearly less about food than about just wanting to hang out. This meant we had some new difficulties with encouraging him to settle. Due to sickness and multiple trips away we delayed sleep training until things settled (just after he turned 10 months…more on this in the next monthly update). His day sleeps also went a bit haywire for a few weeks. He would pull himself up to stand in his cot and then scream until we went in and patted him to (almost) sleep.

– has had two breastfeeds per day, pre-breakfast and pre-bedtime. He eats three decent meals per day and snacks for morning and afternoon tea. He’s eaten everything I’ve offered but especially likes cheese.

– Crawls confidently all over the house, pulls himself up on everything, is not yet cruising the furniture, likes bashing two objects together, has learnt to give me a “kiss” where he puts his open mouth on my cheek (and sometimes licks me…), waves goodbye to Myles in the morning when he leaves for work, babbles, says “mum mum mum” and “dad dad” (I *think* purposefully).


Eating a stick.

– is looked after by Abbey, our nanny, once per week. He really likes her and we’re very happy with the care she provides for him. It has made my return to work outside home much easier having her around.

– went to Armidale for 2 nights and caught up with the Newton and Spencer families (and ate rice pudding for the first time- yum)

– went to Deer Park on our church weekend away and had basically the worst night he’s ever had. He woke at 11pm and didn’t go back to sleep properly until 5:30am. On the upside, we found an awesome app called “Baby Monitor 3G” which, at $4.50, is considerably cheaper, than a conventional baby monitor. It’s also better because it uses 3G so you can be any distance away. You do need two iPhones, though; one as the “parent station” and one as the “baby station”.

– likes to tap walls as if he’s testing their structural integrity. He also continues to be more interested in remote controls, power points, cords, iPhones, laptops, the dishwasher, the bathroom waste bin, and the taps in the bath, than any of his other toys.

– continues to get lots of comments on his hair. Granted, when it’s hanging to the side it does look a little Justin Bieber-ish and when it’s hanging straight down it is very close to his eyelids, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to cut it just yet. It remains the same colour as mine.


Trying to escape.


Clearly the child of a doctor. One of his favourite toys is a tongue depressor. Also note the very runny nose- a fairly constant presence over the past month!

Nine months old!

3 Aug

Happy 75% Angus!



Here’s an update on what’s happened in the past month in the life of our boy…

Wakes ~6:30am-7am, has a breastfeed and a breakfast (1/2 to 1 vitabrit with milk), back to bed from 8am-9:30am, morning tea snack at 10am, lunch at 11:45am, afternoon nap from 12:30pm-2:30pm, afternoon tea snack at 3pm, dinner at 5pm, bath at 5:30pm, breastfeed at 6pm, bed at 6:30pm. I stopped his afternoon breastfeed this week and he has been VERY unimpressed (hitting my chest, crying, cranky). I’ve replaced it with a cup of full-cream milk.

He has slept through the night a few times (last week he did 3 out of 4 nights- yay! Now *that* was unusual) but generally still wakes for one feed in the early morning. Stop press: last night he slept from 6:30pm to 6:50am! I am a new woman!

Favourite things: playing with a balloon, books (especially ones with different textures like the “That’s not my…” series), playing with buttons and zippers, practising walking, going on the swings at the park (the higher the better- he’s a dare devil!), seeing dogs at the park and on the TV, exploring under chairs/the desk/kitchen table, knocking down block towers we’ve built.


Pulls himself up to stand on everything…chairs, kitchen door handles, play table, dishwasher, cot sides (we dropped the mattress to the lowest level as of last week)


Can go from crawling to sitting and vice versa

Finally has a tooth!


Takes off whenever we try to dress him

Tries to leap off the change-table during nappy changes

Has a good appetite. Some foods he has been enjoying in the past month include risoni with melted cheese, slow cooked beef in red wine (left overs from our dinner), chicken and artichoke pilaf, sultanas, puffed rice crackers, “salmon surprise” (salmon cooked with cheese and orange juice), avocado, roast sweet potato, stewed apricot/pear/apple, mashed potato, and nibbling at bits of my banana bread/muffin/fruit toast when I’ve been at a cafe! He has his food mashed now and can munch quite well despite his lack of teeth.

Has been to his first First birthday party (Happy Birthday best pal Billy!)

Now goes to creche at church and also at Friday Morning Group (last week’s report from the carer was “he did crawling laps around the room, and then helped himself to all the other children’s lunches”. Oops). He has been loving it and doesn’t appear to miss us at all!

Has loved spending Tuesday mornings with Angie and Clementine whilst I’ve done some work. Starting next week he’ll also be spending one day per week with our new nanny as I’m starting a new job.

Loved spending a week with Grandma and Grandad when they visited recently.


Is a happy, inquisitive, smiley, engaging, cheeky little boy!


Eight months old today!

1 Jul


Happy 2/3rds Angus!


Angus continues to be generally a very happy little fellow with an inquisitive disposition. He’s also very nimble and wriggly! There’s a definite cheeky streak. Wonder where he gets that from?

– The past month has been marked by a bout of sickness. Angus required his first course of antibiotics for an ear infection. Despite fevers, he generally remained quite cheery and continued to eat and drink well which delayed the diagnosis!


Feeling poorly

– His day sleeps are generally going really well with two naps, from ~8am-10am and 1pm-3pm.

– Bedtime is between 6-6:30pm; his overnight waking has been all over the place since he’s been sick. He wakes anywhere from 1-3 times but only briefly. I’m not feeding more than twice (and I’d rather it only be once). He has had several times of sleeping through until 6am. I wish that was the norm!

– He still doesn’t have any teeth!


– He is sitting up unsupported but doesn’t stay still for long…there’s too much to look at everywhere else!

– He is commando crawling and lifting himself up off the floor. I think if we didn’t have polished floor boards he’d be crawling “properly” now. He can move quite fast and seems to enjoy the freedom of exploring under chairs and the lounge


– In the past week there has been a dramatic increase in the amount he eats; it’s roughly 2-3 times more than it was 10 days ago. He can easily eat an entire jar of baby food or a Rafferty’s Garden sachet at each of lunch and dinner. I make him a variety of meals; so far he seems to like everything I’ve presented, including tuna mornay, stewed apricots/pears/apple, Vitabrits with milk, zucchini/carrot/potato with cheesy tomato sauce, and Milk Arrowroot biscuits.


– He has three breastfeeds during the day (~7am, 3:30pm, 6:15pm) and approx one overnight

– Says “mamma” and “gaga” and “bub bub bub”; loves it when we repeat these “words” back to him

– Waves hello and goodbye (with encouragement)

– Loves tickles and rumbles; he is especially ticklish under his chin

– Has re-discovered blowing raspberries

– He spent his first morning in creche at church this morning which went really well; he loves being around other children

– Is a thumb sucker!


– Enjoys looking at books, playing with cords and powerpoints, and talking to his teddy bears

– Continues to generally wear size 00 clothes

– Went to his first birthday party: Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!


Thanks for the loan of your play table, Noah!

Seven months old today!

1 Jun

Angus is 7 months old! Wow!


With his toy of the moment- a plastic spoon. I had to be quick getting this shot- he’s not keen on staying still!

In the past month, Angus

– had his first proper bout of sickness. He had a heavy cold and was quite blocked up and a bit off-colour. He successfully passed it onto me, Myles, Grandma and Aunty Bernice. Not a bad effort for a small child!

– has not sprouted any teeth but we think they’re probably close. He was a little unsettled earlier this week but so far nothing has popped up!



– eats three meals per day. He has 1/3rd Vita Brit for breakfast, some veg +/- meat for lunch, and veg +/- meat for dinner followed by fruit/yoghurt for dessert. He has eaten everything we’ve given him but seems to like banana most of all. He sometimes has a rusk/arrowroot biscuit to suck/chomp on at morning/afternoon tea.

– is breastfed at 7:30am, 10:30am, 3:30pm and 6pm, plus one feed overnight (usually between 2-4am). I have just dropped his midday feed this week.


– goes to bed at 6-6:30pm and falls asleep very soon after without any need for patting/rocking/singing/etc. We just put him down, say goodnight, and walk out. We started this technique when we weaned him off the dummy and it’s great. He wakes for one feed overnight and then again to start the day at about 7:15am. He has slept through (from 6:15pm to 6am) a total of four times. But who’s counting?

– has two naps per day, one from ~8am-9:15am, and another from ~12:45-2:15pm.

– has started commando crawling and can get himself anywhere he likes now, including up the step between our living room and kitchen area. I had a dream last night that I walked into a room and he had climbed up onto a table and was standing there with his hands on his hips. Talk about a nightmare!



– isn’t sitting unsupported yet. He doesn’t really like to bend in the middle.

– likes playing with all sorts of toys but particularly those which are off-limits, like the gas outlets, the electric oil heater, the laptop power cord, and the modem. Can I just say that it’s not for a lack of brightly coloured flashy “age-appropriate” objects that he chooses these other things! I try and try but he seems resolved!

– has just started to wave in the last day or so

– continues to greet Myles by sticking his tongue out at him. He doesn’t do it to me so I’m thinking it must be like their secret handshake.

– has enjoyed going to Friday Morning Group with the other mums and kids from Barneys, plus our community Mother’s Group. He has also spent some nice times playing with his best friend, Billy. Billy is teaching Angus to sit, and Angus is teaching Billy to crawl. We think. We hope.


Ripping things up with my buddy

– has discovered the swings at a local playground and he LOVES them. He particularly likes to go high! Can you see a little personality developing?! Hmmm! He also loves being thrown in the air, helped to do back-flips, and jumping/bouncing up and down


– has had to cope with me starting back at work 2 days per week. So far, not so good, as I attempt to juggle my time at the desk with stopping him from pulling out the power cords. I’m working from home facilitating a distance education program for junior doctors going on to become GPs. It’s nice and flexible but much more complicated to juggle than I ever anticipated.