Fairmont Resort

21 Jan

Myles recently had a work retreat for 2 nights at the Fairmont Resort in Leura so we all went up for the first night.

The Fairmont holds a special place in my heart. From 1986 to 1998 I woke up most mornings looking directly across the Jamison Valley at it. It was the site of my official coming into society (ha!) at the annual Debutante Ball, the place where I learnt to dive into a pool, the site of many handbell and choral performances for Yulefest (yes, I did write handbells. I rocked those white gloves), and where we always seemed to take visiting friends and relatives for a hot chocolate on cold misty weekends.

So it was a bit strange going back after all these years. Much of it hasn’t changed although it seemed to lack the warmth and vibe it had in it’s heyday (that might be a summer thing or also a result of it only recently getting back on it’s feet after years of poor management). But overall it was great. The big highlights were the enormous fish tank in the lobby, the pools, the lifts, the toddlers-only soft play area, and the buffet breakfast. And on that final point, for Angus the highlight of the breakfast was not the gazillions of options but that the cornflakes were dispensed from a glass jar with a handle and they drop drop dropped into the bowl. Fabulous.














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