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On the swings

23 Nov

Laughing boy

23 Nov

First haircut

3 Nov

The moral of this story is that anything can be done provided there are pegs available in abundance.








Twelve months old today!

1 Nov

Happy first birthday, Angus!


Well, folks, it wasn’t for lack of trying. This was the best I could do for the 12month quilt photo short of actually strapping him to the floor with tape.




Is this what I do with the candle?

In the past month, Angus:

– has continued his magnificent sleeping patterns. We are so very thankful. He has a morning nap from 8am-9:30 and an afternoon nap from 12:30-2:30pm or even longer somedays. He goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes up around 6:30am.

– eats three decent meals plus snacks. His favourite food appears to be bananas and he gets quite excited when they’re mentioned or seen. He eats 1.5 vitabrits for breakfast, plus 1/2-1 banana, plus toast sometimes. Lunch is usually a sandwich (peanut butter, vegemite, cheese, honey, etc). Dinner might be fish fingers, chicken tenders, spag bol, pasta with cheese, salmon mornay, etc. He also likes dessert (he is his mother’s child after all) and will gobble up yoghurt or muffins or jelly or more bananas. For snacks, he enjoys cheese cubes/slices, crackers, bananas, strawberries, chunks of pineapple, and mini-muffins (not all at once!).


Feeding himself

– has stopped breastfeeding. At 11 months he was still having a pre-breakfast and post-dinner feed. I dropped the morning feed first with no hassles, then the evening feed about one week ago, again, no hassles. These feeds have been replaced by milk in a cup or water. There were some initial small pangs of sadness to be stopping but not enough to make me re-think the plan!

– has had his 12 month immunisations which were completely uneventful aside from a brief yell at the time! He was quickly distracted by bubbles. His weight (clothed) was 8.8kg and length 76cm.

– has not progressed much further toward walking. He still holds on and cruises the furniture or pushes his little walker around the house. There have been brief moments of standing unsupported (2-3 seconds) but not many! He crawls at an incredible pace which continues to amaze us given how hard our timber floors are!


Long and lean!

– can say mum-mum-mum, dad-dad, and door. We think we’ve also heard pup, pig, down and no but can’t really be sure. He likes to bark when he sees a dog (real or otherwise), and chatters away fairly constantly when he’s playing.

– has continued to spend two days per week with Abbey, his nanny. She took him to the Art Gallery of NSW recently which he reportedly thoroughly enjoyed!


At the water park in Pyrmont

– has had a few Skype chats with cousin Noah (5.5 months old) in Tokyo.

– went to his first concert (Colin Buchanan). To be honest, he was far more interested in the chairs and other children’s drink bottles than Colin himself. It was a nice surprise to run into cousins Eloise and Raphael there.

– sometimes gets himself into hysterical laughing fits over the most benign things, like me putting a (clean!) nappy on my head and letting it fall off onto him. It’s so enjoyable to participate in these little episodes!

– has enjoyed watching Peppa Pig on iView. He gets very animated when the song comes on and bobs his head.

– has continued to enjoy exploring and adventuring. He rarely sits still and likes rolling potatoes around the kitchen, playing with the desk chair, opening and shutting doors, bashing two objects together, clapping his hands, playing peek-a-boo (he now initiates it), being held upside down, looking at books, playing my old recorder (acquired when I was in Year 1!), and patting Pockets, the neighbour’s very friendly cat, amongst other things! He also loves the bath. Going out in the pram to the park is a favourite activity.


Bath fun

– still only has one tooth!