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Angus’ new trousers

21 Oct

I made Angus some trousers using fabric from Spotlight…


…and a pattern from “Dana Made It” (online)


They show off his rather slim profile!


Myles thinks he looks like he’s wearing Elvis-style flares


Here he is looking very pleased and happy


Mothers’ Group First Birthday party

5 Oct

We had a collective first birthday party for all the bubs from my Mothers’ Group last weekend. It was a lovely informal affair, sitting in the park, chasing away the pigeons, and trying to keep small hands out of the cake, punctuated with lots of “my! haven’t they all grown!” and “no! that’s not your drink/biscuit/etc”!

What a change from when we first met under the watchful caring eye of Helen at the Early Childhood Centre back in November 2011. Remember the day she taught us the “Angel Wrap”? Or the numerous times she tried to soothe our worries about sleep, feeding, playing, formula…you name it! In the early days we’d meet up in the little park behind the library each week and share, care and compare (but never compete). In those early weeks this was often my only structured event all week and I always looked forward to the company of these lovely ladies.

However, it soon became apparent that some of us must have had a bad smell! First we lost Anthea to Brisbane, then we lost Luca to Holland, then Katarina moved to Indonesia, then Hannah relocated to Picton. Helen decided to follow the trend and went to Manly. Bec left us for a while for Newcastle but thankfully came back!

Through the winter months we seemed to go on a natural hiatus, aside from the odd park catch-up or dinner out. So it was a special time to sit on the grass together with our families and our already-or-almost-one-year-olds and to see Charlie-girl chasing the pigeons, Charlie-boy put his hand into the icing on the cake, Angus exploring all the prams, Lilou clapping and waving, Felix in his size 2 clothes, Penelope smiling and Lilian chattering away. We missed Norah, Finn, Max and Hana and their mums.

But for now, it’s time to be thankful for the opportunity we’ve had to hang out and do life together with all the ups and downs associated with new motherhood. I hope we will all stay friends for many years to come.

Happy Birthday bubs!


I made this cake based on the bunny rabbit in the original version of the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday cake book. There is reason behind the statement “don’t leave cake planning and decorating until the last minute”. Let’s just say there were some significant moments of stress when it still wasn’t finished at 2:30pm. And the party started at 2pm.




Charlie goes after a pigeon


Lilian in lilac


Felix looking thoughtful


Captain Angus Smileyboy


Penelope and her friends


Hello Lilou!


The gang!


Getting ready to get into the cake


Beautiful Aisla


Xenia having a laugh with Angus

Felt garland

3 Oct

After getting some inspiration from this post, I decided to make my own garland as a gift for my god-daughter’s 5th birthday.


I had trouble getting a decent photo of the garland strung up…


…here’s another angle, also not much good!



Eleven months old!

1 Oct

We nearly have a one-year-old! Oh my word!


In the past month, Angus…

– has developed beautiful sleeping patterns! We spent the week after our return from Melbourne cutting his night feed and training him to sleep through. Myles got up when he woke and patted him to calm him then left the room. For the first couple of nights he raised merry hell when his happened but never for more than 10 mins. He would then settle for 10-30mins before starting up again. Another bit of patting (by Myles) to calm him and then he’d be left to go to sleep. It took a couple of hours on the first night from first wake to properly falling asleep, slightly less on the second night, and about 30mins on the next couple of nights. He also cried with less ferocity each night. By the end of the week he’d sorted it out and now goes to bed ~6:30pm and wakes at ~6:30am. This has revolutionised our lives. Particularly mine!

I have mentioned the book “Baby Bliss” previously (when we weaned him off his dummy) and this was the technique we used this time as well. We found it enormously helpful. We decided that Myles would be the one to get up and do the “training” because we knew it would be easier if Angus didn’t have any contact with his “milk supply” (!).


– he also has two lovely sleeps during the day. He wakes ~6:30am and has a breastfeed then breakfast. He goes down for his morning sleep ~8:30-9ish until 10-10:30ish then has morning tea and water. He has lunch ~12midday before his afternoon sleep ~12:30-2:30. He has afternoon tea and a cup of milk ~3pm, dinner at 5pm, bath at 5:30pm, breastfeed at 6pm, then goes to bed ~6:30pm.

– he continues to eat everything we present. He enjoyed a mashed version of our Apricot Chicken dinner one night and I am cooking less specifically only for him, rather just modifying our meals or throwing them in the food processor for him. He continues to devour bananas and can get through 1-2 per day. He can also now drink out of a straw cup.

– went to Melbourne for the second time (first trip was when he was 6 weeks old for Belinda and Clint’s wedding). He flew down with me and we stayed with Alex, Michael, Annika and Ingrid for 2 nights (and Alex provided some awesome childcare so I could attend a conference), then Myles joined us and we stayed in the city for a long weekend. His final two nights in Melbourne were spent sleeping in the apartment ensuite because it was the quietest room in the house. We enjoyed brunch with Bel and Clint, wandering around the city, breakfast at Hardware Societe, and just having family time together.


– he now cruises about the furniture moving from piece to piece. He can also walk up and down the house by pushing his little walker thing. He loves doing this and always looks so pleased with himself.

– if he is around a conversation I’m having which involves laughter he’ll often start laughing too. In Melbourne he had an amusing exchange with a 4yr old girl who smiled at him, so he smiled back, she laughed, so he laughed back, and so it went on, until she turned to Myles and said “why does he keep doing that?!”. He is a very cheery little fellow.

– he now spends two days per week with Abbey as I have increased my work hours. We enjoy hearing her take on his day when we get home; she tells me he enjoys cooking with her, eating her lunch, playing with the folded washing, and “he likes it when toys make noises and then try to bite him” (her words, not mine!)

– got his first black eye after a door blew shut in his face. He looked like he’d got into my eyeshadow.


– still only has one tooth.

– enjoys going to creche at church and FMG and often gets quite excited when he sees other children. He is not, however, happy about me holding other babies and got very perturbed one Sunday at church when I had another child on my hip. There were some very dirty looks being shot my way!

– gets cross when he doesn’t get his own way (eg. removed from pulling cords, rocks removed from his mouth, access to the open dishwasher blocked)

– has started dropping food/spoons/cups over the side of his high chair and looking for them

– doesn’t need his bath seat anymore and sits confidently on the rubber mat in the bath. He also likes standing and holding the side of the bath or the taps. He is not afraid of watching the water go down the plug or having water poured over his head.