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A sunny afternoon at the park

28 Sep












Another custom-made baby quilt

26 Sep

Here are some pictures of a quilt I recently made for the baby of an old school friend. She asked me to make a quilt suitable for a boy or girl (due in a few weeks) and in bright colours.

I was excited to discover a new range of fabric by Momo for Moda called “Oh Deer!”. I like that it’s bright and fun without being garish or babyish. I hope Catherine’s little bub enjoys it!

If you, or someone you know, would like a quilt made, drop me a line and we can chat!





Ten months old…a few weeks ago…oops

24 Sep

The lateness of this post is representative of the changes taking place in Angus (and subsequently, our lives). As he has grown and developed he has become more adventurous, more boisterous, more inquisitive, and generally more predictable in his routine and moods. We have become more confident in our parenting, recognising patterns in his behaviour and learning to involve other people in our care of him. We also just had one of “those” months where we went away for 3 out of 4 weekends and, combined with me taking on more paid work, Myles and I both getting gastro for a week, Angus getting a heavy cold, and life needing to go on, updates on this blog took a necessary back seat. But, here we are, a few weeks later, still in busy-mode but less sick, not away, and a little more on top of things, with a review of the month of August.


In the past month (2 August- 1 September), Angus:

– developed a not-very-good habit of poor settling after a night-time feed. Whilst generally it was only one wake per night, the feed was clearly less about food than about just wanting to hang out. This meant we had some new difficulties with encouraging him to settle. Due to sickness and multiple trips away we delayed sleep training until things settled (just after he turned 10 months…more on this in the next monthly update). His day sleeps also went a bit haywire for a few weeks. He would pull himself up to stand in his cot and then scream until we went in and patted him to (almost) sleep.

– has had two breastfeeds per day, pre-breakfast and pre-bedtime. He eats three decent meals per day and snacks for morning and afternoon tea. He’s eaten everything I’ve offered but especially likes cheese.

– Crawls confidently all over the house, pulls himself up on everything, is not yet cruising the furniture, likes bashing two objects together, has learnt to give me a “kiss” where he puts his open mouth on my cheek (and sometimes licks me…), waves goodbye to Myles in the morning when he leaves for work, babbles, says “mum mum mum” and “dad dad” (I *think* purposefully).


Eating a stick.

– is looked after by Abbey, our nanny, once per week. He really likes her and we’re very happy with the care she provides for him. It has made my return to work outside home much easier having her around.

– went to Armidale for 2 nights and caught up with the Newton and Spencer families (and ate rice pudding for the first time- yum)

– went to Deer Park on our church weekend away and had basically the worst night he’s ever had. He woke at 11pm and didn’t go back to sleep properly until 5:30am. On the upside, we found an awesome app called “Baby Monitor 3G” which, at $4.50, is considerably cheaper, than a conventional baby monitor. It’s also better because it uses 3G so you can be any distance away. You do need two iPhones, though; one as the “parent station” and one as the “baby station”.

– likes to tap walls as if he’s testing their structural integrity. He also continues to be more interested in remote controls, power points, cords, iPhones, laptops, the dishwasher, the bathroom waste bin, and the taps in the bath, than any of his other toys.

– continues to get lots of comments on his hair. Granted, when it’s hanging to the side it does look a little Justin Bieber-ish and when it’s hanging straight down it is very close to his eyelids, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to cut it just yet. It remains the same colour as mine.


Trying to escape.


Clearly the child of a doctor. One of his favourite toys is a tongue depressor. Also note the very runny nose- a fairly constant presence over the past month!

Sorry for the delay!

12 Sep

Dear family-members-desperately-waiting-for-an-update,

Sorry that Mummy has been so slack in updating this blog. She actually has been a bit flat-out! She and Dad got gastro for a week (not me! yippee!) then we went to a conference in Melbourne for a week (boring! But at least I got to play with my friends Annika and Ingrid and crawl all over the lobby of the Sebel Albert Park). Anyway, she says she’ll get back into it as soon as she can. In the meantime, here are some photos taken by Graham, from Mum’s work. He took them at the conference last week. I reckon I look pretty cute, don’t you?

Love Angus