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A quilt for a baby girl…and a possible business venture

23 Jul

I recently made this quilt for a baby girl, due to be born in the next few weeks. I wanted to create something girly but also funky, and most importantly I wanted it to be practical! It measures 58cm x 73cm (23″ x 28.5″) which is the perfect size for use in the pram or car-seat.




The fabric is by Echino and is really gorgeous. The wadding is a cotton/bamboo combination which makes it warm but light-weight and easy to care for (ie. machine washable!). I’ve machine quilted it and then made a coordinating binding with mitred corners.



Based on a few conversations with various people, I’m putting out feelers to see if anyone might be interested in having a custom baby quilt made, similar to this one. I’m still thinking through prices and options etc but if you want to discuss it further, drop me a line via the comments here or Facebook or Twitter.



19 Jul







Cheeky munchkin

18 Jul







Cuddles with Belinda

16 Jul




15 Jul


Eight months old today!

1 Jul


Happy 2/3rds Angus!


Angus continues to be generally a very happy little fellow with an inquisitive disposition. He’s also very nimble and wriggly! There’s a definite cheeky streak. Wonder where he gets that from?

– The past month has been marked by a bout of sickness. Angus required his first course of antibiotics for an ear infection. Despite fevers, he generally remained quite cheery and continued to eat and drink well which delayed the diagnosis!


Feeling poorly

– His day sleeps are generally going really well with two naps, from ~8am-10am and 1pm-3pm.

– Bedtime is between 6-6:30pm; his overnight waking has been all over the place since he’s been sick. He wakes anywhere from 1-3 times but only briefly. I’m not feeding more than twice (and I’d rather it only be once). He has had several times of sleeping through until 6am. I wish that was the norm!

– He still doesn’t have any teeth!


– He is sitting up unsupported but doesn’t stay still for long…there’s too much to look at everywhere else!

– He is commando crawling and lifting himself up off the floor. I think if we didn’t have polished floor boards he’d be crawling “properly” now. He can move quite fast and seems to enjoy the freedom of exploring under chairs and the lounge


– In the past week there has been a dramatic increase in the amount he eats; it’s roughly 2-3 times more than it was 10 days ago. He can easily eat an entire jar of baby food or a Rafferty’s Garden sachet at each of lunch and dinner. I make him a variety of meals; so far he seems to like everything I’ve presented, including tuna mornay, stewed apricots/pears/apple, Vitabrits with milk, zucchini/carrot/potato with cheesy tomato sauce, and Milk Arrowroot biscuits.


– He has three breastfeeds during the day (~7am, 3:30pm, 6:15pm) and approx one overnight

– Says “mamma” and “gaga” and “bub bub bub”; loves it when we repeat these “words” back to him

– Waves hello and goodbye (with encouragement)

– Loves tickles and rumbles; he is especially ticklish under his chin

– Has re-discovered blowing raspberries

– He spent his first morning in creche at church this morning which went really well; he loves being around other children

– Is a thumb sucker!


– Enjoys looking at books, playing with cords and powerpoints, and talking to his teddy bears

– Continues to generally wear size 00 clothes

– Went to his first birthday party: Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!


Thanks for the loan of your play table, Noah!