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30 Mar

There is a very tiny part of me starting to regret us teaching him to do this.







A serious case of foot in mouth

28 Mar





Catching up with friends in Armidale

17 Mar

We spent the weekend catching up with lots of friends. Basing ourselves at our favourite cafe, the Goldfish Bowl, on Saturday morning worked well- we had a steady stream of visitors from 9am til midday. We then moved on to Bottega to see the Soles, before church in the evening, and brunch the next day with the Spencers, Newtons and Soles at Spencers’ Farm!



Meeting Arthur


Meeting Claire, Lucy and Sandy


Meeting Fiona (well, kind his dreams!)


Meeting Angela


Meeting Mabel, Alison and Jane


Having fun with Mabel

Flying to Armidale

15 Mar

We recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Armidale, catching up with dear friends from our time living there. Angus was not at all bothered by the flight- clearly the hum of the Dash-8’s propellers is nice to sleep to!




Baby’s first board meeting

14 Mar

Angus came with me to a recent Southern Cross Alpine Lodge board meeting. Thankfully he did not pass any motions.

Here he is colluding with the Chairman (aka Grandpa).



13 Mar

Home delivered fruit and veg: the verdict

11 Mar

I undertook a small trial of various companies who home-deliver fruit and veg in the Inner West of Sydney. I don’t claim to have tried them all or to have equally compared them. I didn’t even try them all myself and based some of my decisions on other people’s experiences. But, hey, that’s life and how I roll so I’m calling this little experiment quits and awarding Sydney Fresh the winner.


A brief summary of the experiment…

Coles Online: I do my general shopping through them every 1-2 weeks. This trial began because I was repeatedly receiving (what I consider) sub-standard fruit and veg. I also began to feel more and more strongly about sourcing my fruit and veg through the grocery super-power that is Coles, and from reading articles about the way they treat (ie. pay) primary producers. I appreciate that this trickles down to the other (non fruit/veg) items I buy but I’ve chosen to just fight one battle for now.

Woolworths Online: I’ve only done one online shop through Woolies but it was as dismal as Coles, plus they stuffed up several parts of my order so I’ve not gone back.

Aussie Farmers Direct: I bought a box on a start-up deal. Many items in the box were not things I would normally buy and I struggled to minimise waste. I was disappointed with the quality.

Box Fresh: reviewed by Meredith who continues to use them. She found their quality and variety to be excellent. I haven’t personally tried them because I’ve decided we get better value by using “pick your own” rather than a mixed box. Unfortunately Box Fresh doesn’t offer this as an option.

Galluzzo Fruit Market: fantastic quality and some items are very well priced. It’s great to know they’re down the road for last minute bits and pieces and will deliver if I buy enough (>$20). It’s hard to beat ordering online at the moment, though.

Sydney Fresh: I’ve now had 2 orders through them for “pick your own” and have been very impressed with the quality and price. Plus, is it too vain to say that I just love the fact they have a juicy passionfruit on their homepage?! Being my favourite fruit, I am easily seduced by their marketing. I may try a mixed box at some point.

I haven’t tried Abundant Organics, which was recommended by some. I’ll be honest, buying organic sounds great but when you compare the price it’s hard to make it work every week. I appreciate it’s expensive because it’s a niche market, and maybe I’m destining my family to doom by not going organic, but, well, that’s the decision we’ve made for now.

Another idea put forward was to join a co-op and participate in the buying of the fruit and veg every 6-8 weeks (or however many people you have). It sounds great, and very cheap, but at the moment, with a new baby/new job/new house, getting out the door at 4am (or whenever… even 8am is too early right now) is just not feasible.


So there you have it, folks! My limited trial has come to an end, thankfully with a good outcome.

(All images from Sydney Fresh)