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Three happy years

28 Feb



A walk in the sunshine at Coogee

23 Feb



Angus and Aunty Denise



Angus and Grandpa (whose t-shirt says "Life Is Simple: Eat, Sleep, Ski". Classic Grandpa)






20c to swim in the Ladies Baths! Bargain!

And then he rolled over!

15 Feb

Made it from back to front (and had a little smiley chat with bear en route)...


...then kept rolling...


...and ended up on his back again!


Pretty darn proud of myself, Mum!

And yes, he did roll himself off his mat and under the chair. Time to get a bigger play-mat, I guess!

Galluzzo Fruit Market Glebe review

14 Feb

This week I decided to try a very local option for my fruit and vegetable shopping, on the recommendation of my friend Fiona.

Galluzzo’s opened in the 1930s and has a strong reputation for good quality F&V. In 2011 it won the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Shopping Guide “Best Sydney Greengrocer” award. It’s located on Glebe Point Road, near the intersection with Bridge Road. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from our house.


So much rain! Argh!

I wandered down there (in the pouring rain) with the boy in the pram and got out my shopping list…

1x bunch parsely
1x avocado
4x carrots
5x potatoes
1x ginger
3x bananas
1/2 bunch shallots
5x brown onions
250g button mushrooms
Handful rocket
Handful english spinach


For this I paid $22.30 and they provided free home delivery (I asked the man if there was a minimum spend for delivery and he thought for a moment then suggested “about $20”).

Very good quality F&V
Friendly staff (I was offered a black tomato to try- very tasty)
Appeared to have a good range
Many products were labelled with where they were grown
Can actually see what you’re buying and choose accordingly (eg what size brown onions do I want?)
Best passionfruit I’ve ever tasted
Free home delivery in the local area
Support local business


Poor kid looks a little overwhelmed

Need to actually go there to shop
If it was busy it could be very difficult to move a pram around in there (I went at midday on a Tuesday and it was fine)
Potential to impulse buy (probably better to do this in a green grocer than in Coles but still…!)
Would be frustrating to need a particular item then get there and find they don’t have it
Possibly more expensive but I’m happy with what I paid

I’m glad we have Galluzzo’s as a local fruit and veg shopping option, however I don’t think I will use them regularly. If I can find an online service with comparable quality (and so far I think Sydney Fresh is winning) I’m more likely to use it, especially at this stage in life when I need to negotiate the shops with a small baby (and especially at this stage in Sydney’s weather pattern of rain, rain and more rain).

Best buddies

13 Feb


A hive of activity

11 Feb

As part of a getting-to-know-you activity, I was recently asked “what have you learnt in the past week?”. My response: “that I’m better when I get more sleep than I’m currently getting”. Later that day, as I dwelt on my lame and highly uncreative response (blame the sleep deprivation), I set myself the rather unremarkable task of learning something then and there, even something rather small, so next time someone asked me the question I’d have a more interesting answer.

And what did I learn, I hear you ask?

I learnt how to use the button hole function on my sewing machine! Radical! Life changing! No, no. But rather satisfying! To put this skill into practice, I whipped up two bibs (using this pattern as a guide) and then got carried away with the applique function and embellished two onesies and five Ikea bibs (the giraffe image was from here)

The other thing I’ve learnt is you can never have too many bibs when you have a dribbly baby. Seems like I got my craft on at just the right time…!






I hope our boy will be like this…

8 Feb