Box Fresh review by Meredith

31 Jan

This F&V review comes from Carrickature’s first ever guest blogger, and my good pal, Meredith! Welcome Mera, and thanks! (I told her my readership is very friendly so please give her a big friendly “hi”!)

This week Mera decided to try Box Fresh. She ordered a small Mum and Baby box for $37 (plus an additional refundable $5 box deposit). Over to her…


Small mum and baby box image from Box Fresh website

“I’ve been looking into options for years but never did anything, mainly for two reasons: 1) delivery to our area was Thurs/Fri and I didn’t want fresh stuff to go to waste as we tended to be out of the house over the weekend, and 2) there were limited options for picking your own stuff and after [a previous] experience where we got the same basic produce every fortnight I just didn’t want to get stuck with a cauliflower and iceberg lettuce every delivery (I know you know what I’m talking about).  But, like you, I’m eating at home more often these days and getting Coles online, so it seemed to make sense to start looking again.  I was happy with Coles quality but often found they sent items that weighed as much as possible in order to charge more and I only ordered the bare minimum as I wouldn’t buy what looked nice anymore because I couldn’t see it!  I started thinking the freshest stuff we can get is best for Billy now he’s on solids, and that Dave and I would eat more fruit and veg if it arrived on our doorstep.  I was also inspired by your post.

So, queue Box Fresh!  I chose it for the following reasons:

1) you can order one offs easily, it doesn’t have to be recurring,

2) I looked at the lists of the box contents and liked the inclusions and the variety in each box,

3) the concept of the mum and baby box appealed to me and seemed like they had done their research as a company.  I figured I could at least puree and freeze a lot of the contents, avoiding wastage.

4) you don’t have to be home for the delivery.   I was unsure about their delivery day of Friday to our area, and how that would work for us.


So my box arrived today as promised!  I ordered the small Mum and Baby Box for $37.  There is a $5 refundable deposit for the polystyrene box.


I noticed that it was packaged with thought and the box was full and had obviously been refrigerated in the delivery van.  There was a lot of variety, much more than we got in [our previous home delivered F&V experience].  The quality was excellent.  I felt that it was quite similar to what I was promised on the website, and to what I expected.  The main downside was that there wasn’t much quantity of each item e.g. 2 plums, 3 apples, 3 peaches which is the flipside to variety I guess.  You can’t have it all!  The main problem with this is if you want to do a big batch of something then its limiting.  I would consider getting the $10 fruit boost in the future.  I guess the other option is to get the larger box.  Other than that I see no downside.  I realise I like a Friday delivery as I can plan my weeks meals for next week around what I have in my box, which is seasonal and interesting.  The best part: not an iceberg lettuce in sight!

The half cauliflower got pureed today, the grapes were nibbled on (delicious) and the mushrooms/garlic/tomatoes made a yummy pasta sauce for dinner.  I’m looking forward to next week’s box already”.

Well, there you have it folks! A very positive review for the Box Fresh small Mum and Baby box! Myles’ only question in response: do you have to be a small mother to order this box?


One Response to “Box Fresh review by Meredith”

  1. Libby Smith February 1, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    Hey Mera/Jen

    I’ve used box fresh too, and have been really happy also. I actually tried a different one this week:
    I think that they were perhaps a tad cheaper, but much less interesting in terms of what you get. I imagine that that comes from different business models. Sydney Fresh deliver twice a week, late in the afternoon/early evening. THe stuff has come from the markets that day, but there were no herbs, red onions, garlic/ginger/chilli in the box. Sydney fresh have a larger number of box side/cost options to choose from though. Time will tell how the mixed salad greens hold up…

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