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The boys on Boxing Day

31 Dec


We’ve moved in!

30 Dec

It was wonderful to be able to spend Christmas in our new home. The removalists came on the 20th and we have been making good progress unpacking stuff since then. Photos of the house to come!



Chief Moving Day Babysitter aka Grandpa

Christmas Day

30 Dec

We spent Christmas Day with family, starting with morning tea at John and Jill’s place after church, then lunch at Cremorne. I doubt we’ll forget this day for sometime- Angus spent a good hour screaming his lungs out, completely inconsolable for no obvious reason. It was a bit stressful! Other than that we had a lovely day- it was particularly special having Andrew and Hanna visiting from Tokyo, plus Hanna’s parents and her best friend.




Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

There will be a slight delay…

22 Dec

…in updating the blog because the camera battery has gone flat and I don’t know where I packed the charger!


Type in "unpacking boxes" into Google Images and this comes up. In no way (AT ALL) does this image reflect the state of "unpacking boxes" in our new house. Look at her! I mean, honestly! Look at her! When I get the camera working I might take a photo of my frazzled self with my frazzled baby in our frazzled house and see if Google wants it. Search for it under "real life".

Bathroom update

20 Dec



Happy boy

18 Dec



A bit blurry because he kept wriggling around!


A big gummy grin!