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New ceiling in the new open-plan living space

31 Oct

After removal of the walls, it's gone from this...

livingceiling2 this...


...and currently to this!


Second bedroom changes

29 Oct

When we bought the house, this room featured changes made in the 1960s, including the ceiling and a timber veneer bed-head attached to the wall


Detail of the ceiling. Not really our cup of tea.


An example of the dubious DIY wiring found throughout the house. Note one end of an extension lead protruding from the floor. No idea where the other end is.


Even our architect was bemused by the wiring.


The plan was to remove the 1960s ceiling and restore the original underneath but...well, the whole thing fell down on the builder's apprentice (he was fine). On the upside we discovered a large cavity in the roof- maybe a future attic space!


And then one day there was a new ceiling! (along with removal of the bed-head!)

40 weeks and 4 days and still waiting

28 Oct


Waiting for baby 3: lots of iced chocolates

26 Oct

Check it out! Basically just a glass of icecream and homemade chocolate sauce! (M was much more restrained and had a long black). This was at which we discovered on the weekend- great place!

Waiting for baby 2: Christmas pudding

25 Oct

It's not like I have a whole lot else to do at the moment! I used this recipe ( last year and it was great- here's hoping it works again!

Waiting for baby 1: quilted play mat

24 Oct

I've been working on this quilted play mat over the past month or two. The basis of the design was taken from "Quilts, baby!" by Linda Kopp but modified to suit my tastes and fabric stocks!


And this is the back (Ikea fabric with embellishments!)


And just to be consistent (and because we don't have a real baby to use yet!) here is Paddington modelling the mat (hopefully our baby will look more relaxed!)

Changes to walls

19 Oct

Our lounge room used to have two rooms coming off it: on the left was the dining room (leading through to the kitchen), and on the right was the 3rd bedroom


Last week we had the left doorway bricked up and the right doorway widened and elevated


This is the view from the other side, standing in the (now) open-plan kitchen (down the right wall), dining (centre) and study (where the yellow wall is). The pantry will extend across part of this bricked up doorway.