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Baby Party

30 Sep

We celebrated the impending arrival of our baby with a lovely afternoon tea, surrounded by lots of friends and a small complement of family members (why do they all live so far away?!).


The spread


Olivia and Sara


Shamus and Sian


Josie and Gareth


Tom and Rach, John and Vania


Us with Dave, Meredith and B


Dad with Stuart, Suzanne, E and R


Let the renovations begin!

29 Sep

This week we signed contracts and handed over a deposit to begin work on transforming our “Renovator’s Delight” into a liveable and lovely family home.

Of course everything we need to know about renovating we’ve learnt from The Man Himself:


And yes, whilst we’ve become “those people” who start renovations with a baby due in 3 weeks, we would like to point out the following:

a) the windows have already been ordered and no, they’re not coming from Sweden
b) we have employed an architect (and a very good one at that)
c) we have employed a builder who will also be the site manager
d) we are not living in a caravan onsite (or a caravan anywhere at that)
e) we are not renovating a 700 year old castle
f) we have decided not to go with a reed bed water treatment plant out the back, or hand crafted gargoyles, or grass on our roof

Stay tuned for before, during and, eventually, after photos!

A special weekend

28 Sep

Birthday/anniversary/babymoon weekend in the city...starting with dinner at Aqua Dining, just up from Luna Park (and where we had our wedding reception)


We stayed at the Observatory Hotel


We went for lots of walks (this is taken on Observatory Hill)


This was 10 days ago when I was 35 weeks (this time with the Harbour Bridge for scale)