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My new favourite site

22 Jun

Thanks to my pal, Jo, over at Tales From the Box, I have been introduced to the world of Pinterest. Do you keep piles of magazines lying around to be used “later” for inspiration (but rarely ever flick through them again)? Or cut out pictures of nice things and stick them in your version of a Look Book (but never get around to sticking them in so you just have a book of dog-eared clippings)? Do you see images online which you want to save but have to bookmark the entire page, making it clumsy and cumbersome to review later?

You need Follow Me on Pinterest

It’s fantastic and free! Not only do you get to store your own finds, you can look at what other people have stored too. How would I ever have known about this (below) if not for Pinterest? Bring on Australia Day!


It's a cake dressed up as an Iced VoVo! I love it!



Rocking chair revival

21 Jun

I inherited this old rocking chair from my Nan. For years it’s sat quietly in the corner, too frail to be used. For years I’ve dreamed of restoring it but never seemed to have the time. Six weeks out from moving house, pregnant, temperatures close to zero in the garage… I mean, why not start now?! Stay tuned for progress shots.


In her former glory (looking better in the photo than in real life I'll add)


Removing the fabric (the back seat cushion was lined with hessian which is what you can see tufts of)


Applying paint stripper- magic stuff!

Oranges and more oranges

20 Jun

Dad: “I have some spare oranges from the tree. Would you like a few?”

Me: “Sure. If you’ve got any to spare”

Dad: “How about this bag? Will this be enough?” (he says, lifting ~12kg out of the car boot)


Given we've both had colds, they couldn't have come at a better time!