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Making the binding

28 May

I made the binding by cutting 2" strips from my left-over fabrics and sewing them together until I had about 7.5m


I then ironed the strip in half and pinned it down to the quilt top before maching sewing one side down. The other side will be folder over and hand-sewn to the back.

Project update

25 May

Machine quilting



And the quilting is done!

Home-made sausage rolls

22 May

We made these for lunch today. Tasty! And easy. Recipe from here.


Having a Ball at the Bowling Club

15 May

Off to the UNE Medical Students Ball...

MedBall2 the local Bowling Club! (and yes, the coat is real- thanks Nan)

Jane and Pete’s wedding

11 May

We spent a lovely Easter Saturday celebrating the marriage of our dear friend Jane to Pete. To say the day started adventurously would be an understatement. And to say we all got rather wet… well, it could have been worse. But we had a great day with lots of fantastic music, food and people.


We were supposed to walk up this track to a lookout for the ceremony but it started POURING


Suddenly we saw people running back down the hill in the rain... "back to the cars! We're going to the church instead!"


So we all packed into a tiny little church in Hardy's Bay. And I really mean packed.


The church was hurredly set-up,


and the musos got ready to play!


So many musicians!


(Not that we expected anything else)


And a few more thrown in for good measure.


Doing the paperwork


and all looking lovely (but not quite so over-exposed in real life)


The reception was beautiful


and Mr and Mrs Kohlhoff ended the afternoon with some smooth moves.

Long time, no post

9 May
Coogee sunshine

Coogee sunshine

What with studying for my clinical exam, working full time, thinking/planning to move back to Sydney mid-year, being preggers, etc, I haven’t had much time (or material) to post. But, here are a few iPhone pics from our recent weekend in Sydney…

Egg Chair

Just hanging out at Matt Blatt in an egg chair with my golliwog friend

Cat vet

Ha! Can you believe this woman (a) is really a vet and (b) really works here?!