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Two happy years

28 Feb


All our love and prayers to Christchurch

23 Feb


And for those of you who are crafty and fabric-y, save Bolt of Cloth in your favourites and check back regularly. They are a Christchurch-based business with an amazing range of fabrics and I’ve been really impressed with my purchases (and no, they’re not paying me to say this). Currently their site is down and I have no idea whether their shop has been damaged. Either way, they’re going to need lots of support so consider buying from them once they’re back on their feet!


Has anyone else noticed the similarity?

12 Feb




Strawberry update

6 Feb



12-months-in-Armidale anniversary dinner

5 Feb

January 14th signified our 12 months in Armidale anniversary. We decided to celebrate by having a delicious dinner at Bistro on Cinders last night. It was unusually warm so we sat outside in the courtyard.  A couple of iPhone photos of the occasion…