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A visit from John, Vania and Archie

27 Sep
John, Vania and Archie

Thanks for coming to visit us!


Road signs

25 Sep

On the small stretch of QLD road we drove on (Stanthorpe is over the border), it seemed liked every 10km we passed a set of signs warning us to stop and rest. People must get very sleepy in Queensland.  Here was our favourite set (they were each about 100 metres apart).

Sign 1

(Surely only in Queenland could you get away with this sign)

Sign 2

Sign 3

Sign 4

Sign 5

Birthday dinner

24 Sep
Claudia's restaurant

After a day of apple juice, cider and pie, we went out for dinner so we could finish the night with Apple Streudel

Dinner at Claudia's

Myles had the "combo": sausages and schnitzel. I just had the sausages.


23 Sep

The place we stayed at had two turkeys. I never realised just how ugly a turkey is. I also never knew just how odd they sound. You should’ve heard the racket when we walked over to look at them! No “gobble gobble” heard here!


A face only a mother could love. Then again...

An apple a day does not keep me away

22 Sep
Big Apple

Who needs New York when there's a real Big Apple?

Apple juice

We went to an apple juicery and cidery. Is juicery even a word? You knew what I meant, though, didn't you!

Apple pie

Apple pie. Of course. But this one came with apple cider icecream!

Birthday weekend away

20 Sep

Myles gave me a lovely surprise for my birthday: a weekend away just north of Stanthorpe, about 3 hours away. We stayed at the truly magnificent Braeside and spent some time exploring the wineries, orchards, olive groves and dairies of the region.


Our little cottage

Cottage view

View from the cottage

Cottage living room

Chesterfield + fire = happy

Cottage kitchen

Our very well equipped even had blank placecards you could use for a formal dinner party!

Cottage spa

The water for the spa came out of the roof!

Cottage supplies

Mmm L'Occitane!

PBL group

19 Sep

This semester I’ve been tutor to a bunch of medical students. For our final tutorial we had a party with a LOT of food for the 9 of us (3 cakes, 2 plates of cupcakes, 8 packets of chips, 4 packets of rice crackers, 3 dips, 10 bags of lollies/chocolates, and a container of carrot sticks). They also went overboard with their gift to thank me! I could barely carry it all out of the room.

PBL party

PBL gift