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Now that I have some free time…

31 May
quilt 1

I made a quilt!

quilt 2

It's baby sized, for either the floor or cot

Instructions available here. We hope Widget Weatherhead enjoys it!


Bleak at 11am

26 May

Anthea comes to visit

15 May
Red Grapevine

Dinner at the Red Grapevine

Saturday morning relaxation

Saturday morning relaxation


Just hanging out at the airport


The royal wave

Old chairs made new

12 May
Old chair

Old look

New chairs

New look!

We had two old chairs, covered in yellow velvet, which were looking a bit tired. They came with the house my parents bought in the late 1970s. We finally got around to having them re-upholstered and we love them!

Oh Annandale.

12 May

To preserve the memories of happy days in Annandale.

This one’s for you, Bel.

Go Go Burgers

Mmm Master Hamburger


Friendliest DVD shop ever

Friendly dog

Even the dogs are friendly

Terrific Scientific

Nerds in heaven


aka Dakota Mini MART

A visit to the city

12 May

Jen had a conference at Darling Harbour. Myles came along for the ride. We were able to catch up with friends, enjoy the warm days, and visit  Barneys.

City sunshine

Walking back from Darling Harbour in the afternoon sun

Hotel view

The view from our hotel room


Enjoying the novelty of catching a bus again...


3 May

I don’t really have any news to post but I have found some amusing ways to spend some time. Thanks Jane.