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Aunty Denise comes to visit

26 Apr

We’ve really enjoyed having Aunty Denise come and visit over the past week. Here are some of the things we’ve done together…

Saumarez Homestead

A visit to Saumarez Homestead

Bistro on Cinders

Dinner at Bistro on Cinders for Aunty Denise's birthday


An outing to Gostwyck

And this is what we’re having for afternoon tea!

Plum pie

Plum pie made from plums bought at the local Growers' Markets


Fortnightly roundup

26 Apr

We’ve had an *interesting* (and not always pleasant) fortnight, hence the lack of posts for a while.

Our weekend to Sydney for Grant and Julia’s wedding was going well until Jen developed a corneal ulcer, requiring a 4am visit to RNSH Emergency. Thankfully her ophthalmologist opened his rooms a few hours later on Sunday morning to have a closer look and got the treatment started. We are very grateful for the medical care available in our country! As a result of the pain, we couldn’t travel back to Armidale that day so delayed our trip until the Monday, which was when we got stuck on a bridge on the F3 for 2 hours  after a major truck accident. As we wandered amongst the cars to stretch our legs we ran into a couple Myles used to play touch football with! They even shared their lunch with us!

F3 traffic jam

Stuck in a moment we couldn't get out of (apologies to U2)

A day or so after arriving back in Armidale, Myles drove off to Canberra via the Weatherhead’s to attend Rails Camp. Once my eye was on the mend, I was able to enjoy the local Grower’s Markets.

Grower's Markets

Grower's Markets 2

Finally, Jen’s little step-niece, Sophia, continues to battle a severe respiratory illness in Intensive Care in Brisbane, requiring lung bypass and heavy sedation. We’re also grieving with one of Jen’s best friends who has recently lost her mother. If you are a pray-er, these two families would really appreciate your prayers.

For those keeping an eye on the trees…

5 Apr
Autumnal trees

Even more golden than last week

University trees

Near the University

Gostwyck trees

Near Gostwyck Chapel

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Fun with Mike and Jane

5 Apr
Jen, Myles, Mike and Jane at Knights

Ah... Knight's Corner Store... thanks for being open for coffee on Easter Sunday when everything else was closed!

Jane and Mike

Gostwyck Chapel

An afternoon outing to visit the ivy-covered Gostwyck Chapel

Gostwyck Chapel - rather pretty

Rather pretty

Jen and Jane at Gostwyck

Myles and Jen at Gostwyck