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One happy year

27 Feb


You can take the girl out of Tamworth…

27 Feb

Welcome home Josie!

Big promises from the local Thai restaurant

24 Feb

PJ Thai

Just in case you were in any doubt.

Ways to spend a morning

24 Feb


Sunday morning in the garden at Knight's Corner Store

Wednesday morning at the Goldfish Bowl Espresso Bar

Lots of tasty lunch options

Just another Scottish Saturday (whoa oh oh)…

20 Feb

We’ve just come back from a drive to Glen Innes. An hour north of Armidale, Glen is self-declared “Celtic Country” due to its early Scottish settlers. We visited the Standing Stones, saw a man wearing tartan shorts, tried to pull Excalibur from a block of concrete, and were mildly amused by the bilingual street signs. Thankfully we also found a very nice cafe called The Tasting Room where enjoyed lunch from a menu free of haggis, black pudding and oatcakes.

Not quite as mysterious as Stonehenge...

Even the British Consul-General came for the dedication!

Celtic Glen Innes. Very authentic.

And on a final, less Scottish, note, Myles was ecstatic to discover what his plans for mid-January 2011 will be.

Weekend adventures

14 Feb

We’ve had a fun weekend catching up with family and friends.

On Saturday we enjoyed a picnic at Blue Hole, in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park (about 20km out of town) with the Herrimans, Newtons and Morrisons. Stu, Vin and the boys are at the start of a grand year-long Australian driving tour!

Lots of boulders to climb over and pools to relax in

In the evening we went to The Red Grapevine for dinner with Dad and Margie. Another great Armidale dining option discovered!

The rest of the weekend was spent creating a vegie garden, spending more time with the Herrimans, and relaxing at home.

This is where I work

10 Feb