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Country driving

27 Jan

We went for a drive on the weekend to look for Dangar Falls. Somehow we ended up driving in the opposite direction to where we intended. Anyway, we found some interesting things along the way.

Hillgrove is a tiny community about 30mins from Armidale. At first it seemed cute to see the signs identifying the former shops etc until we realised that they were everywhere and nothing of the former town appears to still be standing. Once it was a thriving mining town…when we visited it seemed deserted and depressing. Would have been less obvious without the signs!

We were glad to then find some life at nearby Wollomombi where we enjoyed an icecream at the only store in town, proudly advertising “the best cappuccino in Wollomombi”.

Wollomombi Gorge

Oh and this was what we encountered on our drive home. We’re so not in Kansas anymore.


Caffeine hit

27 Jan

We are very pleased to report the presence of several excellent cafes in Armidale. Our current favourite is The Goldfish Bowl  which has two locations: a tiny hole-in-the-wall and a larger cafe with a woodfired oven. They make great coffee and very tasty Portuguese Custard Tarts.

Happy Little Blackberries

27 Jan

Mmmmm...Blackberry Crumble

Our nice neighbour, James, gave us a big container of blackberries which he and his kids picked at a nearby farm. So delicious! We had a happy week gorging ourselves on them.

House calls

26 Jan

We have a spare room...hint hint!

The transformation of our new home!

Kitchen before the boxes arrived...

After the boxes arrived... heavens to Betsy!

We live near the train line but there are only two trains per day! This is the evening CountryLink arriving from Sydney.

New England calling…

26 Jan

Wollomombi Gorge

Just over 10 days ago, Myles and I moved from Sydney to Armidale, almost 600km away in north-east NSW. We’ll be in the region for at least 2 years. We thought this would be an easy way to keep our friends and family up to date and to show you all the things we’ve been up to!